1. Joanne Shin, Communication Design, Junior

2. I am from Los Angeles, CA. I have a dog named Rupert. I wanted to take this course because this world is changing very quickly and UX/HTML designing will help me in the future.

3. I am completely new to HTML!

4. I hope to learn how to design with motions on the screen instead of flat images.

5. Designing for screen provides the users to interact with the artwork easily. Also, it can be more accessable around the world compared to designing for paper.

6. USSR Obys" This website effectively interacts with the user's vision as they are scrolling down the page. It is more focused on the design aspect rather than informations. The flow of the movement throughout the page keeps the users engaged with the material presented on the website.

7. Wear Collins This website is an artist website. It clearly demonstrates where each information could be found: Work, About, Ideas, and Contact pages. Also, when your pointer is on the images, it shows which direction to go to further learn about the artwork and the artist.

8. NY Times NY Times does a great job presenting their work in organized and effective way. As a journalist website, it is not too image or text heavy, nor too overwhelming with colors. The important informations are color coded to grasp the user's attention. It is easy to navigate through the website with the far left corner tab with three lines.